Problem: I have installed QuiltSOFT version 6.0 but how do I access the User's Guide?

The User's Guide is supplied on the CD ROM as an Adobe Acrobat(tm) PDF file (qsmanual.pdf). If you need to install the Acrobat Reader, run the ar40eng.exe from the CD ROM. To run the file, double click on it and then select the appropriate responses for your system. Once it is installed, you can click on the qsmanual.pdf document and the manual will open. If it does not open, open the Acrobat program and select File/Open/ and then the file. When the document loads go to the Window pull down menu and select Show Bookmarks. Then select the subject you want to see.

Topic: You wish to export from Quilter's Design Studio 3.0 or QuiltSOFT 4.0

If you have been using Quilter’s Design Studio 3.0 or older you will not be able to export your quilts or blocks into QuiltSOFT Version 6.0. You will have to export them to QuiltSOFT Version 4.0 and then into 6.0. You will need to follow the directions for this that come with version 4.0.

You will be able to use all of the blocks and quilts you have created in QuiltSOFT version 4.0 in the newest version, 6.0. All you have to do is move those libraries to the new library files and they will open.

Problem: You have successfully installed the QuiltSOFT program but when you double click on the icon to open it you get the following message: "The File 'C:\WINDOWS\GRID.VBX' is out of date. This program requires a newer version." (You may get the same message for msmasked.vbx , picclip.vbx or threed.vbx)

Solution: The first thing you need to do is to close all programs that are running in the background. (Use ALt-Tab keys to see what is running) After you have closed everything, exit Windows and then go back into Windows. This will force Windows to release all the files that are in memory.

You must go to the Windows\System directory. Find the file "grid.vbx" and move it to another directory outside the Windows directory, it does not matter which one as long as it is not the QuiltSOFT directory. When you have moved the file reinstall QuiltSOFT 4.0. QuiltSOFT 4.0 will put its own version of the file in the Windows\System directory. You need to remember where you put it (the one you moved) in case another program needs that particular version of the file. In that case you would move the one Qsoft installs to the Qsoft 4.0 directory (not any of the subdirectories) and move the original one back to the Windows\System directory.

Problem: You have installed the QuiltSOFT program but when you double click to open it you get a message saying "Cannot find the required Library files blib000.mdb"

Solution: Contact QuiltSOFT by e-mail and we will send you a file with complete instructions on how to install the file.


Problem: When I try to color my blocks they do not accept any color.

Solution: What has happened is that when you were using the Crosshair tool to place blocks, you clicked more than once in the same place. Every time that you click a spot with this tool you are placing a block. If you select the Pointer tool and grab the block that will not color, you will find at least one other block underneath that block. Keep moving blocks until you find there is only one. Now you will be able to color the block.

Problem: The software will not load. The message says to increase the memory, yet I have more than enough memory.

Solution: Go to the Chooser and select a printer. Once you have done this the software will work. The Quilter's Design Studio needs information from the printer about paper size, font size etc. If you do not have a printer installed this information is not available.

Problem: The manual talks about using a "plain" block in the tutorials. There isn't a "plain" block in the library.

Solution: OOPS! When we created the library we forgot to put this block in. Use any other block you choose to follow the tutorials. Sorry for the confusion.