QuiltSOFT was created in 1991 by a quilter and an engineer. It was originally created for personal use. When other quilters heard about it there was great demand and so the QuiltSOFT company was born. The original version of the software was called Quilter's Design Studio and was created as a Windows application. The QuiltSOFT company produced the first Windows based software for quilters.

After the untimely death of the engineer, a new programmer was needed to maintain and upgrade the software. QuiltSOFT was extremely lucky in finding Rattet and Associates for this job. Rattet and Associates has developed for: Barclays' Bank, Hewlett-Packard Company, Asymetrix Corporation, Intel Corporation, Applied Learning International, Attorney's Briefcase, Inc. and other companies, as well as all of QuiltSOFT's upgrades.

In 1993 QuiltSOFT introduced the Quilter's Design Studio for the Macintosh, again another first for QuiltSOFT in the quilting industry.

In 1996, Canon Computer Systems Inc. contacted QuiltSOFT about bundling the QuiltSOFT program with Canon hardware. QuiltSOFT was selected to be on the Canon Creative 2 CD. The CD includes version 4.0 of the QuiltSOFT software.

At this time the name of the software was changed from Quilter's Design Studio to QuiltSOFT, the same as the company name.

The QuiltSOFT software has been featured on TV on Kaye Woods Quilting for the 90's Show, on The Carol Duvall Show and on Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson.

In 1996 QuiltSOFT also released the first of the QuiltSOFT Fabric Collection. A series of CD-ROM's of fabrics from some of the major manufacturers of quilting fabric. These fabric images can be used in the designs of your quilts in QuiltSOFT 4.0 and in other graphic programs such as CorelDraw, Photo-Paint and CorelDream.