QuiltSOFT is the leading Windows software for designing quilts. There are over 100,000 registered users. With QuiltSOFT you can design complete quilts, including custom blocks and color palettes for each quilt. QuiltSOFT creates your templates and estimates the yardage for your quilt. The program comes with master libraries of quilts, blocks, and color palettes for you to use and to add to. QuiltSOFT is wonderful for designing stained glass, rug hooking, ceramic tile floor design, and for woodworking.

  • What's New in QuiltSOFT 6.0
  • Minimum System Requirements
  • Quilt Design Window
  • Block Design
  • Printing
  • Color and Fabrics
  • Yardage Calculation
  • Professional Block Libraries
  • User's Guide
  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Exciting New Features!

    Print Larger Blocks and Templates on larger size paper.
    New Group Feature ... Now you can create groups of blocks and make changes to all of them at once !
    Zoom up to 500% now!
    Import and Export single quilts from your Libraries.
    Import and Export single blocks from your Libraries.
    Now includes block libraries from Marsh McCloskey and Beckie Olson. A savings of $20!
    New grid/snap for creating blocks (eighth snap).
    Change the grid and line color when designing your blocks.
    New trace feature for importing blocks. Scan blocks, then trace them to save into your library.
    Now you can import enhanced meta files to use as blocks!
    Download fabrics from the Internet to use in your quilts!

    New Block Libraries included with QuiltSOFT Version 6.0
    There are two new block libraries included with this version of QuiltSOFT. They are Marsha McCloskey’s Library and another library from Beckie Olson. In the past these libraries were available for purchase but are now included and ready for your use.

    Minimum System Requirements

    To run QuiltSOFT, you need the hardware and software listed below. You do not need a printer to use QuiltSOFT, but several of the program’s most convenient features are its ability to print out templates, yardage estimates, and quilt design information.
    Hardware Requirements:
    • A personal computer with 64 MB of memory, minimum
    • A CD-ROM drive
    • A hard disk drive with 15 MB of free disk space available
    • A VGA or higher monitor and with supporting hardware and software
    • A Microsoft Windows compatible mouse
    • Optional: a Microsoft Windows-supported printer
    Software Requirements:
    • Microsoft Windows® 98, 2000, or higher, or Windows NT


    • Print blocks
    • Blocks for foundation (paper) piecing
    • Quilts
    • Yardage estimates with color and fabric samples
    • Accurate templates with or without seam allowance
    • Sample of finished block is printed with your template

    Color and Fabric

    • Create unlimited colors using the Palette Maker
    • Comes with 8 color palettes that you can add to or modify
    • Use as many color palettes as you want in any quilt
    • 128 fabric fills to simulate fabrics
    • Unlimited gradation of your colors in 64 steps at the click of a button
    • Scan your fabrics in, QuiltSOFT accepts 11 different file formats!
    • Use CD's of clipart as fabrics, or use QuiltSOFT Fabric Collection CD's

    Yardage Calculation

    • Yardage calculation for your quilts instantly at the touch of a button
    • Metric or inches, change between them by clicking a button
    • Calculates for quilt front, back, borders and sashing

    Professional Block Library series:

    BLV1 Professional Block Library Volume 1 is a collection of over 150 blocks designed or selected by Marsha McCloskey. In this collection Marsha has gathered some of her favorite pieced blocks in an electronic library for you to use with your QuiltSOFT program. In QuiltSOFT these blocks can be used in any size and QuiltSOFT will give you your templates. Marsha McCloskey is a well known quilter. She has taught hundreds of quilt classes all over the world and has written over a dozen books on quilting.
    Cost: FREE (included in version 6.0).

    BLV2 Professional Block Library Volume 2 is a selection of over 150 blocks designed by Beckie Olson. Beckie Olson started quilting in Berkeley, CA in the early 70's. Beckie is a quilter, author, teacher, lecturer and quilt appraiser. Beckie teaches both nationally and internationally. Beckie has written Quilts by the Slice, a variety of patterns and is writing a new book: Hand Pieced Heirlooms. Beckie has had articles published in many magazines and books. All of the blocks in Beckie's Library were designed to be used with your QuiltSOFT software.
    Cost: FREE (included in version 6.0)

    QuiltSOFT User's Guide

    The QuiltSOFT User's Guide is provided on the Version 6.0 CD. This User's Guide has over 200 pages to guide you through the use of your software. There are tutorials to walk you through creating blocks, quilts, coloring the quilts, foundation piecing and much more including special "For Extra Fun" sections.